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Auto Dimming Rearview Mirror Monitor

Auto Dimming Rearview Mirror Monitor
Auto Dimming Rearview Mirror Monitor
Product Code: Auto Dimming Rearview Mirror w/ Backup Screen
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    • The SecurView™ SV-9161 is a replacement style mirror with a built-in 4.3" digital LCD screen, two video inputs for two separate cameras and an automactic dimming feature built into the mirror which allows the mirror to automatically adjust the dimming during night time driving if the mirror is reflecting too much light and distrupting visiblility.


    • With the ignition turned on, the mirror will activate the primary video input. When the vehicle is shifted into reverse, the SV-9161 will automatically switch to the secondary reverse camera video input to display the rear camera. Once the vehicle is shifted back into drive, the primary video source will turn back on. For the reverse camera input, the SV-9161 inlcudes parking assist lines to help the driver accuratly judge the distance behind the vehicle. The parking lines can be adjusted to the right and left or rotated outward to get them in the most accurate location to aid the driver in the best manner. A full functional remote is included with the mirror to help adjust the parking assist lines and to help navigate the menu.


  • If you've ever driven any vehicle on a road or highway at night, then you know how distracting and annoying it can be when bright headlights are shining into the mirror and blinding you. The SV-9161 has an automatic dimming feature which allows the mirror to automatically dim the glass down for better visibility during night time driving. When excessive light is shine onto the glass, the inner glass of the mirror is automatically adjusted just slightly to allow the light to be deflected away from the driver and not cause any distraction or blinding glares. When the excessive light source goes away, the mirror re-adjusts to the way it was.

Complete with Camera, Add $200 for a Tailgate Handle Camera or a Third Brake Light Camera