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Rear view Mirror Monitor w/ Navigation & Bluetooth

Rear view Mirror Monitor w/ Navigation & Bluetooth
Product Code: Rearview Mirror w/ Navigation & Back-Up Camera
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    • The SecurView™ SV-9160.N.II is a replacement style rear view mirror with built-in navigation, Bluetooth and uses a Microsoft™ Windows CE operating system. It includes a 4.3" LCD display as well as (2) video inputs for a reverse camera and an extra camera or external video source. The screen is invisible when not is use and can be shut off at any time. The reverse camera video input will activate when the vehicle is shifted into reverse and will automatically come up on the screen. When the vehicle is shifted out of reverse, it will switch back to the GPS map or the secondary video input. The mirror itself has an anti-glare coating to cut down on glare during day time driving. The SV-9160.N.II can be used with any SecurView™ or PlateCam™ camera.


    • The real-time GPS Navigation interface offers the best GPS available. The interface will give you easy-to-operate menus and will display 2D and 3D map views and street level views. All major highways, intersections, on/off ramps and streets are all displayed. For even better guidance, the GPS system will give you voice prompted turn-by-turn directions to help get you to your destination quickly and safely.


    • The SV-9160.N.II also has a built-in Bluetooth™ hands-free cell phone interface to allow you to safely talk on your phone while driving. You can easily pair you phone to the mirror and immediately start making and receiving phone calls. The Bluetooth™ system has frequency hopping technology to help reduce interference and noise during your calls and is easy-to-operate for driver safety The auto and manual answering options make answering calls very easy and there is caller ID available on the display when a call is incoming. The mirror also has a built-in noise canceling microphone to help make your conversation crystal clear as well as volume adjustment for the speakers.


  • Lastly, the SV-9160.N.II mirror has a hot key function which allows the touch screen buttons on the side of the mirror to be shut off when they are not needed. This way, the screen and buttons are invisible and only the mirror is seen when all of the equipment is not in use. The screen and buttons can be called up by simply touching the mirror to activate them.
  • Complete with camera, add $200 for a Tailgate Handle Camera or Third Brake Light Camera