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Hyundai BlueLink Mirror Monitor

Hyundai BlueLink Mirror Monitor
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    • The SecurView™ SV-9163 is a multi-camera replacement style rear view mirror. This style of mirror completely replaces the OEM mirror and includes a 4.3" LCD display as well as (2) video inputs for a reverse camera and an extra camera or external video source. The screen is invisible when not is use and can be shut off at any time. The reverse camera video input will activate when the vehicle is shifted into reverse and will automatically come up on the screen. The mirror itself has an anti-glare coating to cut down on glare during day time driving and screen will automatically adjust the brightness for daytime and night time driving.


  • The SV-9163 was designed specifically for use with Hyundai vehicles that have built-in Blue Link™ technology. The SV-9163 directly plugs into the factory Blue Link™ harness allowing the vehicle to retain all of it's GPS and roadside assistance provided by Blue Link™. The mirror itself looks identical to the factory Blue Link™ mirror giving all of the same controls at the bottom and maintaining the factory look of the vehicle.
  • Camera Included