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Mirror Monitor with Compass and Thermometer

Mirror Monitor with Compass and Thermometer
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    • The SecurView™ SV-9156.CT is a replacement style mirror and is identical in desinged to the SV-9156.C mirror. It has a built-in 4.3" digital LCD screen and two video inputs for two separate cameras and a built-in compass to give the driver a heading of where they are going and a built-in temperature reading to give the driver an interior and exterior temperature reading on the mirror.


    • With the ignition turned on, the mirror will activate the primary video input. When the vehicle is shifted into reverse, the SV-9156.CT will automatically switch to the secondary reverse camera video input to display the rear camera. Once the vehicle is shifted back into drive, the primary video source will turn back on. For the reverse camera input, the SV-9156.CT inlcudes parking assist lines to help the driver accuratly judge the distance behind the vehicle. The parking lines can be adjusted to the right and left or rotated outward to get them in the most accurate location to aid the driver in the best manner. A full functional remote is included with the mirror to help adjust the parking assist lines and to help navigate the menu.


    • Have you ever seen a GM or Ford vehicle that has a compass read-out inset into the mirror and you really liked the feature; well the SV-9156.CT is the answer for you. With this mirror, you will get the compass readout on the mirror as long as the ignition is turned on. Here's the best part, the compass is inset into the glass of the mirror and not the LCD sceen so the compass read-out will always be displayed whether the primary video source is active or you are using the reverse camera. Setting up the compass read-out is not difficult and requires some calibration steps to be followed by the driver while the vehicle is running.


  • Keeping warm on a cool day or cool on a hot day can have a huge impact on the confort of your drive. The SV-9156.CT has a built-in thermometer to give the driver a temperature read-out of not only the outside temperature, but alos of the interior temperature as well. The mirror comes with two sensors, one of the inside of the cabin and one of the outside behind the front bumper, which relay the temperature readings back to the mirror so they can be display to the driver. The temperature read-out is displayed just above the compass read-out on the top right corner of the mirror's glass and will always be displayed as long as the ignition is turned on.
  • Camera included, Add $200 for a Tailgate handle camera or Third brake light camera