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Bluetooth Mirror Monitor

Bluetooth Mirror Monitor
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    • The SecurView™ SV-9156.BT is a replacement style mirror desinged to completely replace the factory rear view mirror. It has a built-in 4.3" digital LCD screen and two video inputs for two separate cameras. The even bigger features of the SV-9156.BT is that it has a built-in Bluetooth™ hands-free cell phone link that allows the driver to make and receive calls from there cell phone without having to hold the phone up to their ear while driving.


    • When the ignition is turned on, the mirror will activate the primary video input. When the vehicle is shifted into reverse, the SV-9156.BT will automatically switch to the secondary reverse camera video input to display the rear camera. Once the vehicle is shifted back into drive, the primary video source will turn back on. For the reverse camera input, the SV-9156.BT inlcudes parking assist lines to help the driver accuratly judge the distance behind the vehicle. The parking lines can be adjusted to the right and left or rotated outward to get them in the most accurate location to aid the driver in the best manner. A full functional remote is included with the mirror to help adjust the parking assist lines and to help navigate the menu.


  • Talking on your cell phone while driving is not only dangerous to you and other drivers on the road, but it can also cost you a very expensive ticket if you get pulled over. That's why it is important to have a hands-free cell phone device in your vehicle. The SV-9156.BT has you covered. It comes with a full Bluetooth™ system to allow you to link up your phone and make and receive calls without ever having to touch your phone. The Bluetooth™ system will sync with your phone using a password and will then automatically connect and disconnect with the mirror as you exit or enter the vehicle. There is a built-in phonebook option which allows you to store up to 200 phone numbers for automatic voice dialing and the screen will display caller ID when a call is incoming. Voice-dialing, placing and answering a call are all done by simply using the power button on the buttom of the mirror. The Bluetooth™ system will also let you play any music you have stored on your phone through the built-in speakers on the mirror.
  • Complete with Camera, Add $200 for a Tailgate Handle Camera or a Third Brake Light Camera