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Mirror Monitor With Built In Reverse Sensor Display

 Mirror Monitor With Built In Reverse Sensor Display
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    • The SecurView™ SV-9164 is a replacement style rear view mirror monitor. This style of mirror completely replaces the OEM mirror while giving you the convenience of a 4.3" LCD Screen and (2) video inputs. Once the mirror is installed it looks completely factory and the screen is completely invisible when not in use.


    • The SV-9164 comes included with a built-in parking assist system. This system included (4) ultrasonic sensors that are installed onto the rear bumper and will detect any obstructions behind the vehicle when backing up. This includes other vehicles, parking poles, walls, trash cans or even people. The sensors can be painted to match the color of the vehicle and all sensors have a quick disconnect plug type so if any of them are ever damaged, they can be replaced easily without having to remove the whole sensor cable.


    • The monitor will switch on automatically when the vehicle is shifted into reverse displaying the reverse camera image and the parking assist system's distance readout. The distance readout has easy-to-read left and right side indicators and is color coded to show you how close the rear bumper is to coming in contact with an obstruction. The system will not only give you visual indicators but also audible as well by sounding of a series of beeping tones that get faster and faster and you move closer to an object.


    • For vehicles that have rear tire racks or trailer hitches, the parking assist system has a smart detection memory function which will allow it to detect past these objects on the back of the vehicle to avoid giving false alerts of anything behind the vehicle. The sensor detection range can also be set further or closer to the rear bumper as well by using a set of manual switches on the system's main control module.

Complete With Camera, Add $200 for a Tailgate Handle Camera or a Third Brake Light Camera

  • Features:

    • 4.3" LCD HD display
    • Completely replaces the factory rear view mirror
    • Built-in Parking Assist System
    • (4) Ultrasonic quick-disconnect style sensors
    • Sensors can be painted to match the vehicle paint
    • Smart detection function allows the sensors to watch out for tow hitches, tire racks or any other obtrusions on the rear of the vehicle
    • Selectable detection rage
    • Audible and visual distance readings
    • (2) Video inputs for reverse camera.