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Toyota Tundra Handle Camera

Toyota Tundra Handle Camera
Product Code: OE Tundra Camera
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    • The SecurView™ SV-6836.TOY is the fisrt model of Toyota editions to our custom truck camera products. It is a high-grade CMOS color camera embedded into a custom tailgate handle that is designed to replace the factory tailgate handle on the Toyota Tundra pickup truck, giving you a complete reverse camera installation without having to drill any holes or modify any of the exterior panels on the truck's tailgate.


    • The tailgate handle molding is made of the same high-grade ABS plastic that the OEM tailgate handles are made of, so you will be getting the same quality tailgate handle as the factory provides; if not better. The camera lens is flush mounted into the handle's molding so you will not see anything sticking out once the handle is installed. All of the handle's linkage is the same as the factory's so everything will be a direct swap and you should not have to modify or tweak any parts of the linkage or key lock cylinder. The only thing that will have to be done is routing the camera's harness out of the tailgate and underneath the chassis of the truck. No panels need to be cut and no holes need to be drilled. It's that easy. The camera harness itself comes with a long length and is pre-loomed so you can run it underneath the length of the truck without worrying about weather elements.


    • The camera itself uses a high-grade CMOS image sensor to give the best picture and has a wide 170° viewing angle to give the driver the absolute best view behind the truck and includes programmable parking assist lines to help the driver accurately judge the distance behind the vehicle when linking up to a trailer or for backing up in general.


  • Features:

    • 170° Wide horizontal viewing angle
    • Compatible with Toyota Tundra pickup trucks (2007-2013)
    • Includes camera, tailgate handle and handle linkage for direct OEM swap
    • Reverse Image
    • Parking Assist Lines (Selectable)
    • Constructed of high-grade ABS plastic
    • Camera is barely noticeable once installed
    • Waterproof design